Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Carson Rocked by Protests
By Lyn Jensen, Carson Reporter

High-school students protesting proposed federal legislation staged large demonstrations in Carson on Monday and Tuesday. Students in many communities nationwide walked out of classes for several days over the past week to protest a bill passed by the House of Representatives last December that would make being in the US illegally a felony.

About two hundred, mostly Hispanic students gathered for about an hour in front of City Hall on Monday, waving Mexican flags and carrying misspelled and obscenity-laced signs criticizing the House Bill 447.

"We had a few people throw water bottles and there was some jaywalking," said Capt. Todd Rogers of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, but there were no arrests.

The next morning about 1,000 students from several area schools gathered in front of Carson High School. Police made three arrests, two for assault on a police officer and one for disorderly conduct.

A spokesperson for Carson High School said the school was in complete lockdown for the later part of Monday and all day Tuesday.

"We support the constitutional right to protest," said Rogers, "but they've got to do it safely."

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