Wednesday, August 25, 2004
GOP Delegates Meet With Anti-Bush Signs
"In case their discontent isn't already clear, protesters are spelling it out. "Stop Bush Now" signs and other anti-GOP messages are appearing throughout the city well before delegates arrive for the Republican National Convention, which begins Monday," reports Sara Kubler for Associated Press here.

"Bright blue tarps, painted with glaring yellow letters, are going up on dozens of rooftops in Brooklyn, under the flight paths into busy New York airports. Thousands of delegates and convention guests peering down at the city might see messages like 'No more years' and 'Re-defeat Bush.'"

A wide variety of signs are going up everywhere...

"'Let no Republican look anywhere in this city without seeing our message,' says one site, promoting an image of a black 'W' inside a red circle with a slash through it. 'Let's make the entire city our canvas and let the RNC know that they've grossly miscalculated their choice of venue.'"

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